Hand Made Leather Pet Collars


Made in the USA – Crafted Dr. Jekyl’s Hydes


Dr Jekyls Hydes Hand Crafted Leather Pet Collars

Dr. Jekyl’s Hydes uses only Premium Grade 9oz.
Domestically Tanned Leather

All of our Leather Pet Collars are Strong enough for even the toughest Pitbull.

They are Riveted and Stitched for Superior Retention. The Buckle and Lease Loop are Nickel Plated Brass or Solid Stainless Steel

Each Leather Pet Collar comes with a *5 Year Warranty.

5 Year Warranty on Pet Collar covers all rivets, stitching and hardware, under normal use.
Dr. Jekyl’s Hydes will repair the collar at its discretion.


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