Dr. Jekyl's Hydes Guitar Straps

All of Dr. Jekyl’s Hydes Guitar Straps are HAND CRAFTED in the USA using only Premium Grade,Domestically Tanned Leather  6/7 ounce tooling leather with soft leather cushioned backing.

We can use any design from our belts and wraps; or customize your artwork, colors and lettering as desired.

We are proud to have made custom Leather Guitar Straps, Wraps and other Leather Works for Bands such as Black Foot.

“….Through my long career I have owned a lot of guitar straps made by good leather dealers. Tom Accordino is by far the finest maker of leather products I have had the pleasure of using on a daily basis. His attention to detail, heart and soul that go into each individual item is second to none. Tom’s inspiration comes from within and takes few words to explain to the recipient the meaning behind the design. Never forced, never mass produced, I can tell you every piece is unique to itself. I proudly use his guitar straps exclusively, as well as a belt and other accessories every day. Not only is Tom a superb craftsman, he is one of the finest human beings I have ever had the honor of knowing….”
Greg T./Blackfoot ’07

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